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  • Marketing center:Foshan city zen JiHua wisdom new city 6 / f, T10, 28 on the way
  • Tel:400-990-5009
  • Fax:0757-82566995
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Zip code:528000
  • production base:Qingyuan city, guangdong province, the source pool ceramic industrial city
  • Tel:0763-3298988
  • Fax:0763-3256633
  • Email:511533
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  • Marketing center: wisdom, 28 JiHua zen city all the way, new town, foshan city, 6 / f, T10
  • Tel:400-990-5009 Fax:086-757-82566995
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Zip Code:528000
  • Production base: the source of qingyuan city, guangdong province, tam ceramic industrial city
  • Tel:086-763-3298988 Fax:086-763-3256633
  • Zip Code:511533

New Products

  • TPM8626L Australian Sandstone

  • TPM8437 Nasia Ash

  • TPM8397 Shakespeare Ash

  • TPM8387 Minis Gray

  • TPM8151L Icelandic White

  • TPM8005L Cappuccino

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